“E” Building Revitalization: Now Underway!


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Wondering why there’s construction and demolition happening in the “E” Building? Wonder no more: It’s the revitalization of the old, outdated spaces where nursing, respiratory therapy and several other outdated labs, classrooms and offices used to be.

When complete, Lake Superior College’s “core” will see it’s first spatial, electrical and energy-efficiency update since 1986. All thanks $5.7 million in funding from the 2014 state legislature.

Why is LSC “revitalizing” the “E” Building?

The current revitalization project is the final step of a comprehensive “Allied Health and Science upgrade” that began in 2010. The first and largest part of the upgrade: LSC’s Health and Science building, located on the north side of campus. With its high technology and state-of-the-art classrooms, the simply-named “H” Building was completed in 2012.

The construction of the “H” Building also allowed certain health programs and science labs to move their classrooms to brand new, high-tech spaces.

However, moving to new spaces meant the outdated and cramped classrooms and labs (where programs such as Medical Laboratory Technician, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, etc., used to be housed), would now sit empty.

All along, however, the original comprehensive Allied Health and Science upgrade project planned to turn the old classrooms and labs into newly configured classrooms, learning spaces and offices.

Finally, after legislative financing was secured July 2014, the project received the final go-ahead to begin. After a few unforeseen roadblocks and details that needed to be ironed out, the project officially got underway December 22.

The Allied Health and Science revitalization project is tentatively scheduled for completion mid-August 2015.

Its completion will mean the official “wrap” on the entire Allied Health and Science upgrade.

Below is a just-for-fun video of LSC staff, faculty and students breaking the first bricks of the project.